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An art show to raise funds to support children in Haiti and at home.  

Twelve projects determined by exhibit attendees will be supported through the sale of art represented in the show.

Artists should address the theme "For the Children" through their work.

All work must fit in a 12"x12" space.

Submission Deadline Extended to:  November 10, 2014
On Line Show:  November 15 - November 3o
Gallery Show:  December 15 - December 31

Submission Guidelines:


1.  Fine art paintings and mixed media.

2.  All work should be submitted with a one page artist statement, including contact information and one page title list with:  artist name, title of work, size, year & price.

3.  Submit one JPEG per entry (3-D works may submit additional images) via e-mail to c.artgallery@gmail.com. 

4.  Maximum six pieces of work by each artist.

5.  Submission deadline is November 10, 2014.

6.  Artists will be notified of acceptance results by November 12, 2014.

7.  Accepted artwork must be exhibition-ready and delivered on or before December 10, 2014.  

8.  Work will be selected throughout the submission process.  

9. Early submissions may be considered as featured work for show promotions.

10. A $12 submission fee for up to three pieces of work payable through Paypal at the following link:   For the Children Art Submission Fee is required for work to be considered.

11.  An additional $12 fee is required for submissions from four up to the maximum of six pieces. 

****No obscene, gratuitous, erotica or sexually explicit work as determined by the gallery.***

Gallery will retain 30% of all sales of work. Artists will be responsible for the transport and shipping of artwork to and from the gallery.

For additional questions please email c.artgallery@gmail.com or call 206-322-9374.

We are pleased to share a video of a recent show at the gallery featuring Yeggy Michael, Delton Son and Sita Das courtesy of Lady Flava.  To receive invitations to future gallery shows and our call for artist announcements.


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 About C Art Gallery


C Art Gallery is the only African American women owned gallery in the Pacific Northwest whose mission is to present and promote art and artists of different cultural backgrounds to encourage diversity and promote understanding and positive dialogue.

The gallery is located at 855 Hiawatha Place South in Seattle, WA  98144